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Daily Care at Rising Stars Daycare

A girl cutting a paperAt three, children can be busy learning the importance of group play, sharing and cooperation. In this program, we include story time, music, dance and movement. We also have activities that focus on exploration of art materials. Each day, we make time for our “Circle Time” where children have the chance to interact with each other.

Rising Stars Daycare strives to provide a stimulating program that helps children develop their creativity and imagination at three years old.

Outside play also helps burn up energy and develops their gross motor skills. We allot time for unstructured play which encourages children to explore, imagine and create while experiencing the joy of making friends, learning to be compassionate and most of all, having fun with learning. Activities for Preschool Children are more complex. Story time is also longer while projects have more profundity and value. During naptime, children will each be provided with his/her own cot.

Our teachers at Rising Stars Daycare promote independence by supporting each child’s individual development. We encourage all children to do whatever they are capable of doing by themselves. We introduce them the alphabet and counting numbers in a more formal way. We give them opportunities to chat with friends and interact with their teachers which will develop more sophisticated social, verbal and other essential communication skills.