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Early Education Powered by STEAM Planting the Seeds for Success

About Us

A boy sitting on the booksAs a full service childcare facility, Rising Stars Daycare offers everything that parents need to ensure their child’s safety and wellbeing. We offer programs for fulltime, part-time, and before & after school. Our staff consists of handpicked caregivers and early childhood education specialists. They are thoroughly screened and well-trained to handle the developmental needs of children enrolled at Rising Stars Daycare.

With full confidence, we can give your child the finest educational experience. We make it our goal to foster a lifelong love for learning in all of our beloved young students at Rising Stars Daycare.

We appreciate and understand every parent’s concern for their child’s safety. In this respect, we outfitted our facility with the most reliable security equipment from alarm systems to security cameras to ensure your child’s well being at Rising Stars Daycare.

From the moment you drop your child off until it’s time for pick-up, your child will be under the watchful supervision of our caring staff. We give our commitment to parents in providing their children with a safe and fun learning environment.

Here at Rising Stars Daycare, the path to learning begins early. We give your child all the opportunities to grow, develop and become his or her very best self!

Rising Stars Daycare has fewer kids in class so that each one of our students receive our fullest attention and ample guidance.

Our Teaching Philosophy

To us, learning must be a hands-on experience. Using a nurturing program, we fulfill our primary goal of helping children develop to the fullest. Students at Rising Stars Daycare are encouraged to explore, be creative, and discover the world at their own learning pace. We respect and value each child’s individuality and uniqueness. We create daily experiences that enhance growth, promote exploration, encourage self-expression, and active discovery through carefully-planned and age-appropriate activities.

As our teaching philosophy, Rising Stars Daycare believes in working together dedicatedly to raise healthy, self-confident and responsible children. We work closely with parents to ensure that all children have the best possible learning experiences.

We firmly believe that children learn better and relate to life lessons more when they receive guidance from adults and from other children. Rising Stars Daycare creates opportunities for children to share, cooperate, compromise and have compassion for others. We make children feel good about their accomplishments along with the delight of finding and keeping friends.

Do you have concerns about your child’s early childhood experience with Rising Stars Daycare? Please let us know immediately. Let’s discuss the best way to handle any issue as a team of educators and parents. Call 703-441-7828 to set an appointment.