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Welcome toRising Stars Daycare Center

Meeting the emotional, social and physical development needs of every child is the primary goal at Rising Stars Daycare Center. We want to give our students the experience of early childhood learning in a fun environment, guided by warm and caring staff.

We encourage your child to explore the world around in a safe and nurturing environment through teachers who will treat each child with respect. In our programs, we seek to understand each child, discover his or her abilities and encourage independence as children go about the daily activities alongside peers.

We strive to build self-esteem and foster an unending love of learning in our students. We instill the skills of language and socialization that are needed to express themselves creatively. We want to promote the development of their capacities so that they may grow and thrive in their chosen vocations in the future.

The Rising Stars Daycare Center is bright, colorful and has lots of space for activities. Our Daily Activities include a variety of indoor and outdoor games, circle-time, story time, music, free play, arts and crafts, and more.

Our Objectives

  • To apply a curriculum that enables children to develop new skills at their own pace
  • To prepare each child to succeed in kindergarten
  • To build and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children so parents can obtain peace of mind about their child’s care while they are at work
  • To give parents opportunities to be involved in their child’s early childhood academic journey

Schedule an appointment with Rising Stars Daycare. You can also visit us, we will show you around our learning facility.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect, educate and nurture children in a safe, stimulating, and positive environment so they are prepared for school and for life. We are educating tomorrow’s leaders today in our facility that is designed like home to feel like home. [ ABOUT US ]